MacDill Air Force Base Address
MacDill AFB, FL 33621

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MacDill AFB


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MacDill Air Force Base

Located in the state of Florida, near Tampa, the MacDill Air Force Base has the status of a city, although it mainly serves as one of the many AF bases in the USA. Practically speaking, it is part of Tampa city and it is situated in its South. The demographics are really amazing, as MacDill has 1,200 inhabitant active duty people and a total of 3,000. It stretches on 5,767 acres of land. It is home to the USAF AMC (Air Mobility Command) 6th Air Mobility Wing, led by Colonel Robert Thomas. The public inauguration of the AFB was on April 6, 1941 and, nowadays, MacDill’s logo shows one of the local wonders, a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker with the background of Tampa city. This symbolizes local security and control. It is also a way of expressing strength.

And strength really is the essence of MacDill. Take for example the many training courses it offers to the troops garrisoned in there. They are trained in air combat strategies and flying operations. Although the educational facilities are common, the result of the educational system is not. They train elites at MacDill. The primary purpose of the base is to train future troops. But there is one other thing which attracts people: the housing facilities. There are both on-base and off-base housing, and very dedicated staff. Moreover, the attractions for pastime activities are right near the base, in downtown Tampa.

The missions in which MacDill has currently been involved are secret for the time being, but there has been an article in the press favorable to MacDill AFB, on the topic of its Team, who has been rated "Excellent". This really makes a stand for the man where MacDill gets its name from Colonel Leslie MacDill, an aviation pioneer.